Tweak Focus+T OTC devices


Tweak Focus+T is the only digital personal sound amplifier using patented technology that lets you select from four different ‘fitting profiles’ which are custom amplification settings, to find the one that you like best.


Once you choose the fitting profile that sounds best, a simple button push locks it in and remembers it. You can then choose between Quiet mode or Noisy mode as well as access a setting for use with telecoils.
There is a separate volume control to give you even more flexibility in finding the right listening comfort level.

  • Ideal for Quiet and Noisy listening environments
  • Also includes Telecoil setting for better hearing on the phone and in looped environments
  • Choose your listening preference with three levels of amplification
  • Digital volume control

Two hearing aids are better than one

Many individuals have perceived hearing loss in both ears, meaning the degree of hearing loss is roughly equivalent between your left and right side. If that describes you, then the use of two (2) OTC hearing aids may work better for you and provide more benefit than a single hearing aid. The benefits of using two devices include:

  • more balanced hearing
  • better understanding of speech – particularly in noisy environments
  • improved sound localization (knowing where a sound is coming from)
  • hearing better at a distance
  • hearing better at lower volume

Each Focus+T Set comes with

  • Handy pocket-size carrying case
  • One card of 4 batteries (size 312)
  • Instruction manual, quick start guide, warranty card, plus…

Two Thin Tube Accessories Packs – each contains:

– Two thin tubes (2B, right and left)
– One sleeve tip
– Two (9mm) vented domes, preinstalled on thin tubes
– One (12mm) vented dome
– Two closed domes (9mm and 12mm)
– Five cleaning lines


Need replacement tips and tubes?

Tips and tubes should be replaced 2 to 3 times per year. These are for use specifically with Focus+T.

Additional information

Dimensions 1.19 × 0.63 × 0.31 cm

Beige, Metallic Grey


Pair, Single


0.08 oz. (2.25 gm) – instrument only, no battery, no tip and tube
0.10 oz. (2.75 gm) – instrument and battery, no tip or tube

Included Items:

– Handy carrying case – Instruction manual, quick start guide and warranty card – Thin Tube Accessories Pack: two common size 2B thin tubes (left and right), one sleeve tip, two 9mm vented domes (already attached to tubes), one 12mm vented dome, two closed domes (9mm and 12mm), five cleaning lines – One card of 4 batteries (size 312)

Battery Information:

Tweak Focus+T uses a #312 battery. The average battery life is 5 to 7 days. Keep in mind some functions of the amplifier (volume control, noise compression, etc.) require more energy than others which causes the battery to deplete more quickly than others.


Tweak Focus+T has a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months.

This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding batteries, tips, tubes, normal wear and tear, or by misuse or use of the product for other than its intended purpose. Any and all warranties are invalidated if the Tweak Focus+T instrument has been tampered with or altered in any way, if the serial number has been altered or removed, or if any repairs have been made without authorization. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the instrument or any defective part, at manufacturer’s expense, within the limits of the warranty.

This warranty does not include a promise of specific listening improvement.Warranty service must only be performed by an authorized service center. Service performed by any unauthorized personnel voids all warranties.

The extended warranty coverage provides an additional 12 months of protection (for a total of 24 months) for all issues covered under warranty claim above. With the extended warranty purchase, customer is eligible for a one-time replacement of the product at a significant discount.

Note: Extended warranty MUST be purchased at the same time as the instrument(s) – it cannot be added at a later date.
If the customer decides to return Tweak Focus+T during our normal 30-day money back guarantee period, the purchase of the Extended Warranty Policy will also be refunded in full.

With the purchase of a Dry & Store drying appliance, your warranty is extended for 6 months, giving you a total of 18 months of coverage. If you purchase both an extended warranty AND a dryer, you have a total of 30 months of coverage.

An extended warranty card is included in your device packaging. Simply enter your information and follow the directions on the card then mail it to the address listed. That's it!

Call our support team at 1-888-815-3240 for troubleshooting or warranty information.

One-Time Replacement:

By purchasing the extended warranty(ies), the customer is eligible for a one-time replacement of the Tweak Focus+T for $124.99 per instrument.
The policy provides a one-time replacement of a damaged (non-repairable) Tweak Focus +T for 18 months from the date of purchase. There is no deductible. Instrument(s) replaced under this policy are warranted for the remainder of the warranty period.
Tweak Hearing must be contacted within 30 days of the date of loss or damage. Call our support team at 1-888-815-3240 for troubleshooting or replacement information.

Return Policy:

If you are not completely satisfied with Tweak Focus+T, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund. Contact Tweak Hearing (1-888-815-3240 or [email protected]) for a return merchandise authorization and ship-to address.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tweak Enhance has four listening modes: Conversation, Restaurant, Traffic, and Outdoors. The noise modes suppress background noise. The rocker switch is used to switch between listening modes.

Press and hold the lower portion of the rocker switch for two seconds then release. Do the same to switch to the other programs.

Enhance-switching listening modes

Once setup is complete, every time you turn on your Tweak Enhance, it will revert to the last program and volume setting you used.

Tweak Enhance includes one set of accessories: a pack of the most commonly used sound tubes (size 2B, right and left) and domes/tips. However, other sizes are available.

It is important for the sound tube and tip to fit properly in your ear. If you need a different size tip or tube, call 1-888-815-3240 for assistance. You can also order online:

The sound tube delivers amplified sound into your ear. Sound tubes that shipped with your Tweak Enhance and sleeve tips should be tried first. The sound tubes are size 2B. 

If you get feedback or whistling, change to a more closed tip. Also try decreasing the volume.

It is important for the sound tube and tip to fit properly in your ear. If you need a different size tip or tube, or if you continue to have a problem, call 1-888-815-3240 or assistance. 

You can also order online:

Make sure the tip/dome is not clogged.

Fully charge the battery.

Make sure the hearing aid case and sound tube are clean and dry. (Refer to page 51 in the Enhance user manual.)

Make sure the hearing aid case is positioned correctly behind the ear, and that the tip is positioned properly in the ear canal.

Make sure the volume is turned up, by tapping the upper portion of the rocker switch.

Excessive ear was can prevent sound from entering the ear. Contact your physician.

Changes in your hearing can affect how you hear with Tweak Enhance. Contact a hearing healthcare professional if you suspect any change in your hearing condition.

Tweak Enhance may need to be reset. See page 44 of the user manual for instructions. Follow prompts on-screen to set up the hearing aid.


Tweak Enhance is a sophisticated OTC hearing aid utilizing
innovative technology. This unique device allows you to select and set your
desired amplification setting from a range of acoustic alternatives.

Yes, in any listening mode, you can still adjust the volume using the rocker switch. Pressing the upper portion of the rocker switch increases the volume, while the lower portion reduces the volume. 

As you increase/decrease the volume, you will hear a single beep for each sound level. Also, when you reach the highest/lowest level of volume, you will hear beep sounds for each sound level.

Enhance illustration of increasing/decreasing volume level.


To turn ON, press and hold the upper portion of the rocker switch until you hear a beep (approx. 3 seconds) then release. While you are holding the rocker switch, it will turn green. The green light will turn off once the hearing aid is ON.

To turn OFF, again press and hold the upper portion of the rocker switch until you hear a beep (approx. 3 seconds) then release. While you are holding the rocker switch, it will turn blue. The blue light will turn off once the hearing aid is OFF.

Also, the hearing aids will automatically power OFF once they are seated properly in the charging base. However, after removing the hearing aids from the base it will be necessary to power them ON using the rocker switch.

illustration of how to turn on/off Enhance

Tweak Enhance is powered by a lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable. It’s best to charge your hearing aid completely prior to each use.

When not in use, turn off the hearing aid to prevent unnecessary battery drain or leave it in the charging base. See page 46 of user manual for instructions on turning power on/off.

Enhance hearing aids have a non-removable lithium-polymer battery. It is not user-changeable. Call Tweak Support for assistance – 1-888-815-3240.

Time to fully charge:
Approximately 3 hours

Battery life of full charge:
Approximately 20 hours
Keep in mind some functions of the hearing aid (volume level, noise compression, etc.) require more energy than others. You may find the battery needs recharging sooner than 20 hours.

No. Moisture is the number one enemy of hearing instruments. It can damage the microphone and other components, resulting in costly repairs. Don’t wear the device while taking a bath, shower, spa treatment or while swimming. (See page 55 of the user manual for a list of tips.)

We recommend the daily use of a DryBoost UV drying appliance. These dryers are available on the Accessories page of the eartech site.

The Tweak device has a best-in-class feedback management system. However, when your hand is near the device, you may hear a whistling noise, which is called “feedback”. This may be caused by amplified sound bouncing off your hand back into the instrument. The noise usually quits when you take your hand away.

If the whistling doesn’t stop once you’ve moved your hand away, ensure that the amplifier case is positioned properly behind the ear, and that the tip is positioned properly in the ear canal.

Try adjusting the volume. Tap the lower portion of the rocker switch to decrease volume.

Make sure the dome/tip and sound tube are not clogged with wax or other debris. (Refer to page 52 of the user manual.)

Instead of the sleeve tip, consider using one of the more closed domes.

Try adjusting the equalizer via the Enhance app – decrease the higher frequencies.

If the above fails to reduce feedback, contact Tweak Support at 1-888-815-3240.

Yes, Tweak Enhance has a 45-day trial period. After using Enhance for 45 days, you can return it for a full refund.