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The EarTech story all starts with one man–Dr. Daniel Schumaier, an audiologist with over 50 years of industry experience helping real patients find effective hearing solutions. He started his journey with the purpose of providing state-of-the-art technology to extend the life of his patients’ expensive hearing aids.

Since, EarTech has expanded into offering a variety of hearing technology with cutting-edge features but not the high price tag. EarTech remains driven to provide effective audio, drying, and sanitization solutions to this day. We’re proud to design and build patented technology to help people hear better, every day.

The History of EarTech

Drawing from his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others, Dr. Schumaier vowed to resolve his patients’ hearing aid dilemmas. He founded EarTech in 1992 and set out to use his knowledge of patients’ pain points to transform the hearing aid industry—in an affordable way.

He began building and testing prototypes and over a period of several years, he researched, developed, and implemented innovative technology intending to solve his patients’ problems. Blending compassion with technical expertise, he provided solutions for waterlogged, underperforming, or failing hearing aids.




After being awarded several patents, he began manufacturing and distributing Dry & Store products in 1997. The hearing aid conditioning system dried hearing aids and provided sanitization and proper storage solutions.

The system remains in place today and has evolved significantly with the changes and advancements in technology. Medical and scientific improvements have seen Dry & Store products continually reach new heights over time, helping to dramatically reduce the need for repairs in hearing aids. Dry & Store products have come along in leaps and bounds over the years, with the latest, the DryBoost UV, emerging in 2021.

Since 1992, we have utilized UV-C light as a sanitizing function to transform the way people clean and store their hearing aids. For many years we led the industry as the largest distributor of UV-C-related products across the US, and over time other manufacturers began to catch on. While still using UV-C light to reduce bacteria on hearing aid devices, we now apply this same technology to the mobile phone market as well.

However, as a man with a passion for helping others, Dr. Schumaier wasn’t content with revolutionizing just one part of the hearing aid industry! He went on to develop TransEar for those suffering from single-sided deafness, and ClikFIT which put all of the power of in-office programming of hearing aids right into the devices themselves. After that was the introduction of Tweak, a family of discrete and comfortable Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) that offer technology on par with high-end hearing aids at a fraction of the cost.

Between these (and more) brands and products, all at an affordable price point, at EarTech, we tend to your hearing with compassionate care. Prioritizing customers over profits, Dr. Schumaier and his team have your best interests at heart to help you hear better, every day.

Meet Dr. Schumaier

Dr. Daniel Schumaier has been invested in improving people’s lives through hearing and speech since 1966, when he completed his BA in Speech Pathology. Spurred on through his time as a Medic in the US Army, he completed a Masters in Audiology in 1970 and graduated with a Ph.D. in Audiology in 1972.

He began his private practice in 1974, where patients often came to him with issues regarding both hearing and hearing aids in particular. Empathizing with their frustrations, he set out to develop a solution, bringing EarTech to life in 1992.

The EarTech Difference

The EarTech Difference

Innovative, patented technology

Founded by an audiologist with 50+ years of experience​

A wide range of solutions for your hearing needs

US-based company with US-based customer support

Sanitization options to keep you safe

“Have purchased from this company in the past. Always satisfied with product and delivery.”
Donald B.

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EarTech Difference 

If you’re experiencing issues with your hearing or having trouble with your current technology, we understand your frustrations. At EarTech we provide individualized service to each and every person to help you hear better, every day. To find out more about our products or company, contact our caring and knowledgeable team at EarTech today.