Save time by drying, recharging, and sanitizing your phone all at once!

A Complete Maintenance System for Your Phone

In today’s world, mobile phones are a necessity. They go everywhere with you, meaning they pick up bacteria from wherever you go— and that bacteria can be harmful. PHONEDRS is a maintenance system for your mobile phone that protects both you and your mobile phone.

What Does PHONEDRS Do?

Your phone is a high-touch item— you hold it, type on it, scroll on it, and talk into it. All of that touching throughout the day adds up, especially when you’ve been out and about. This leads to not only bacterial build-up, but can also contribute to moisture getting into your phone and damaging its performance and longevity.

PHONEDRS solves two problems in one with both its Q10 and U10 phone care systems. Combining UV-C sanitization, DryMax drying technology, and charging capabilities, giving your phone a rest can be the best thing you can do for it— and for yourself.


Q10 Model

U10 Model

How Does PHONEDRS Work?

EarTech has decades of experience utilizing UV-C light technology to improve the performance and lifespan of hearing assistance products, and we’ve brought that experience to the mobile phone industry.

Both the Q10 and U10 models use UV-C light to sanitize your phone during a quick five-minute cycle. Additionally, DryMax technology works to reduce moisture through heat, protecting your phone’s mechanics while drawing out moisture from humidity, sweat, condensation, or other sources.

The Q10 model comes equipped with Qi wireless charging technology so that a compatible phone can charge wirelessly while it’s sanitized and dried. The U10 includes two USB-A outputs for charging your phone and another device at the same time.


* Reduces bacteria by 99.9%, specifically streptolococcus aureus

Real Experiences with PHONEDRS

Maintain Your Phone, Protect Yourself!

You’re busy, and we get that. PHONEDRS phone maintenance systems give your phone a three-in-one service by charging, sanitizing, and drying your phone all at once, ensuring your most-loved device is clean and helping it to function well for as long as possible. To find out more, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today.