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Tweak your hearing to where you want it to be with our affordable over-the-counter hearing aids.


Never Miss Another Moment

Tweak Hearing is a brand devised by our founder Dr. Daniel Schumaier. An audiologist with over 50 years in practice, Dr. Schumaier recognized that cost has always been a problem regarding hearing aids –so he invented Tweak!

Tweak OTC hearing aids contain the same components as those sold by professionals but are offered at a significantly reduced cost, allowing you to access state-of-the-art hearing technology for a fraction of the price. With our patented Tweak technology, you will never miss another moment.

What Does Tweak Hearing Do?

We understand how frustrating it can feel when you can’t hear as well as you’d like to. Dr. Schumaier recognized this with his patients and combined his decades of experience in audiology and developing patents to create the Tweak Hearing range of products in response.

With two OTC hearing aid options in the Tweak range to choose from, each is easy to use, discreet and provides you with the flexibility to select your desired volume and settings. Available on the Tweak Hearing site, Amazon, and Best Buy, Tweak Hearing can make the difference you’ve been waiting for.

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Tweak Hearing Patented
OTC Hearing Aid Technology

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How Do Tweak OTC Hearing Products Work?

Tweak products differ slightly in their technology, but all operate using the same principle—helping you to hear better, every day.
The Tweak Hearing brand offers two product options, including:
The Tweak Focus+T: Our most popular option.
Tweak Enhance: Our more sophisticated solution with app control and a rechargeable battery.

The technology offers a range of different features. For example, the Tweak Focus+T gives you the option to select from four different ‘fitting profiles’ (custom amplification settings) to find the one that suits you best, wherever you are. When you move from a busy street into a quiet cafe, you can change your setting to reflect your new environment.

Meanwhile, the more sophisticated solution, the Tweak Enhance, comes with U-Choose™ customization, which has four listening modes: conversation, restaurant, traffic, and outdoor. Whatever your budget, there’s a customizable Tweak Hearing product with outstanding audio performance for you.

Why Would I Need Tweak Hearing?

OTC hearing aids are not designed to substitute for professional hearing aids. Instead, they work to amplify sound for people that require an extra boost in specific situations. Our patented technology is packed with various features, including adjustable frequencies for complete control over your hearing experience and setting selection so you can customize the device for you.

Why Tweak Hearing?

You Can Trust The Doctor!

Ease of access

Tweak Hearing products are available over the counter!


Don’t let fear of judgment or discomfort stop you from improving your hearing.

Simple to use

Our products are easy to use. And if you have any questions, you can easily reach our US-based support team.

Wide range of options

We have options to suit your hearing and your budget.


Significantly reduced cost compared to traditional hearing aids.


At EarTech, we care about creating personalized, effective hearing solutions.

Get Tweak Hearing Fast

No need for office visits and long wait times!

Real Experiences with Tweak Hearing
“I am so happy with my decision to try your product. I can hear so well, without extraneous noises, and it sounds so natural. I just wanted to say thank you. My Tweaks are a blessing!”
Adrienne, Washington
“It is a pleasure to have normal hearing again. I have previously had a $3500 and $5000 pair of hearing aids. This is the first time in decades that I have normal hearing. The choice of directional hearing makes the difference. Thanks.”
Richard, Texas
“I want to add a thank you for your prompt and smooth delivery and the product’s performance. My mother is thrilled with her Tweak! She says it is so light to wear and the amplification sounds so natural to her.”
Ellen, California

Try Tweak Hearing For Yourself

We understand how frustrating it can feel when your hearing isn’t what you want it to be. Hear the way you want with the Tweak Hearing range of OTC hearing aids, designed by Dr. Schumaier with over 50 years of experience in audiology and patented technology. For further information, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today.