EarTech Music

Let the music soothe your soul while we protect your ears.

Play It. Sing It. Hear It.

EarTech Music delivers a top-quality in-ear product line for musicians, sound engineers, and all the music lovers out there! Using our unique combination of experienced professionals throughout multiple industries, our line offers many types of IEMs.

For Music Lovers Everywhere

We keep on-stage and working musicians at the forefront of our minds as we create our products. Not only do we provide multiple types of IEMs, but we also offer musician earplugs and accessories such as drying products, protective cases, cleaning tools, and cables to keep the music alive.

EarTech Music Products

We’ve brought the top experts in the industry together to deliver you top-tier quality at great prices. The EarTech Music products have been designed and built by experts in IEM/Earmold production, electrical/acoustic engineering, manufacturing/process engineering, 3D modeling and graphic design to ensure you get the best audio and musical experience when it matters most.

We offer a wide selection of products under the EarTech Music
brand including but not limited to:

Universal Fit IEMs

Dual Driver IEMs

Triple Driver IEMs

Quad Driver IEMs

Quint Driver IEMs

Hex Driver IEMs

Musician Earplugs


How Do Custom IEM’s Work?

Firstly, we provide you with instructions to take to your provider so that they can make your impressions. You can then send them to us so we can begin on your custom build, using the color and model of your choice to personalize your look. We’re here to help every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any part of the process.

Why Should I Use EarTech Music?

Real Experiences with EarTech Music
“I used my monitors for a rehearsal last night, and all I can say is that I’m STILL blown away by how amazing they are!”
Steve Gregory, Bass Musician Magazine
“EarTech Music makes an amazing monitor that allows you to feel truly confident in what you are hearing. With EarTech Music I can rely on excellent quality and customer care, while getting a 100% custom product.”
Andy Curtis, Artist/Songwriter
“Very happy and very satisfied with the sound quality, perfect fit and durable construction!”
Gary Jones, FIREFALL

Take Your Stage Experience to the Next Level

For custom fit and designed IEMs as well as all the accessories you could ever need, you can’t go past EarTech Music. You’ll receive the color and style you’ve had in mind, and most importantly, great build quality that delivers exceptional sound. To find out more, contact our knowledgeable team today.