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At EarTech, we’re driven to create innovative solutions that improve lives. We are a US-owned and operated company offering a variety of patented technology – all backed by the mission to help people hear better, every day.

Over our 30+ years in operation, we’ve evolved from developing drying and sanitizing solutions for hearing aids to expanding into a wide variety of hearing-related technology, stand-alone sanitizing solutions, audio tech for musicians, and tools for medical professionals.

We’re proud to have the experience and expertise to make a difference in the everyday lives of Americans.

The EarTech Story

EarTech was founded in 1992 by Dr. Daniel Schumaier, an audiologist who has run a dispensing practice since the early 1970s. As one of the first audiologists in the country to expand beyond hearing diagnostics into the actual dispensing of products, he uses his expertise and wisdom to provide the utmost care for every patient.

Throughout his early days as an audiologist, Dr. Schumaier noticed his patients’ increasing frustration with itchy, irritated ears and overall poor hearing aid performance. Moisture would frequently get into the hearing aids and interfere with the technology, causing significant performance issues and sometimes the failure of the hearing aids altogether. He could feel his patients’ exasperation and wanted to do something about it—so he did.

State-Of-The-Art Technology Without The Price

AllClean UV-C

WIth versions for both hearing and optical devices, our AllClean UV-C technology reduces bacteria with UV-C sanitization.

Dry & Store

Dry & Store products will remove the moisture from your hearing aids, making them sound better and last longer. At the same time, we will sanitize your hearing aids to remove bacteria and keep them clean and ready to go.

EarTech TV Audio

Tired of living room arguments over the TV volume? Hear everything with crystal clear clarity at the volume you need while not worrying about disturbing others.

EarTech Music

Musicians rejoice—EarTech Music creates custom IEMs and provides related accessories so you can lead the celebration safely and in style.

LightBeam Ear Curettes

With a rechargeable light source and patented threaded curette connection, LightBeam Ear Curettes are an innovative and patented solution for cerumen removal.

Tweak Hearing

If you have occasional challenges with your hearing, an OTC hearing aid from Tweak can make all the difference.


You sanitize and dry your hearing and audio equipment. Now it’s time to do the same for one of your most highly-touched items—your phone.

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Products and Service As Unique As You

Building from his first-hand  experiences with patients over 50+ years in the audiology industry, Dr. Schumaier understands each patient— and each individual ear—is different. At EarTech, we pride ourselves on recognizing this uniqueness and utilizing our interpersonal skills to connect with each and every customer. That’s why we create unique and customizable technology, and offer outstanding customer service.

The EarTech Difference

Innovative, patented technology

Founded by an audiologist with 50+ years of experience​

A wide range of solutions for your hearing needs

US-based company with US-based customer support

Sanitization options to keep you safe

"The most versatile sound devices on the market....opened up a whole new world of clear concise sound – the best 'sound' advice my ENT gave me."
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EarTech Difference 

If you’re experiencing issues with your hearing or having trouble with your current technology, we understand your frustrations. At EarTech we provide individualized service to each and every person to help you hear better, every day. To find out more about our products or company, contact our caring and knowledgeable team at EarTech today.